Sunday, August 18, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports: Day One

Ask everyone you know why they love sports.  Each person will tell you something different.  You may agree with them.  You may disagree with them.  Really though, it doesn’t matter if we all love sports for different reasons.  As long as our beloved sports still exist, here’s my top 10 reasons why we LOVE them.

#10) The Offseason – Most sports fans probably don’t like the offseason at all, but there really is a lot to love about it.  The biggest is definitely the controversies.  What are players doing in their spare time?  Where do they go on vacation?  Who are they marrying?  Who got arrested?  Who got injured?  Who’s just out there having fun?  Yes, the offseason has many questions.  You can’t tell me though that watching Kevin Durant play a little streetball isn’t the greatest thing ever.

Or maybe you just enjoy seeing how your favorite team is preparing for next season.  It could be anything from seeing those crazy college coaches entice those pesky recruits to play for them or hearing how your favorite NFL QB is organizing some team activities.   And of course there is the coveted draft.  If you’re into that sort of thing, the draft is probably the peak of the offseason, but not for me.  After the draft comes free agency.  A player basically chooses who he wants to play for and you’re hoping it’s your team.

You can’t talk about the offseason and not mention how stupid players can be though.  It’s why some of you hate the offseason.  You just want the players to play and coaches to coach and games to be won.  I couldn’t agree with you more; however, it is nice to see some justice to be served to some of those idiots.

Alas, this is only #10, so make sure to check in tomorrow for the #9 reason why we love sports. 

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