Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports: Day Ten

#1) The Championship Runs – These are what everyone remembers.  The hard work, the luck, the close wins, the blowouts, the controversies, the questionable decisions, the last seconds of the clock, the trophy.  Is there anything better than knowing your team is top dog and just proved it?  Absolutely not, unless your team wins back to back championships. 

The essence of a championship run though is one of two things: a rag-tag team that has to prove themselves game after game and the team that looks unstoppable and is.  Sometimes those two meet for the championship even.  I can think of two such instances that stick out to me.  The first took place on February 3rd, 2008, Super Bowl XLII.  New England entered the game as the first team to go 16-0 in a 16 game season and was looking like just the second team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl undefeated.  New York entered with a 10-6 regular season record and, not counting those playoffs, hadn’t won a playoff game in seven years.  The Giants overcame what was thought to be impossible odds and won, upsetting the Patriots and capping a historic post season, a historic championship run. 

The other game that comes to mind occurred on January 3, 2003.  The Miami Hurricanes came into the National Championship after winning it last year and winning their past 34 games.  The Ohio State Buckeyes entered the game after losing last season’s bowl game but finishing that season with a 13-0 record.  The buckeyes won six of those games by seven points or less.  In the end, Ohio State won much like they did in those close six games, by seven points.  Ohio State finished their championship run, going 14-0 and being the first team to do so.  Both the Giants and the Buckeyes were two touchdown underdogs going
into the game.  They proved that, to make history, a championship run is necessary.

That’s what all teams live for.  Winning the championship, making history, being forever remembered.  A championship run defines a team.  It builds legacies, honors traditions, provides us fans with hope that the same will happen next season.  That’s why we love the championship runs.

So there it is, my Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports.
#10) The Offseason
#9) The Underdogs
#8) The Uniforms
#7) The Stadiums
#6) The Food
#5) Making Noise
#4) The Camaraderie
#3) The Commentators
#2) The Rivalries
#1) The Championship Runs

That’s my list and I'm sticking to it… for now.  Let me know if you think I put something in the wrong place or left something off the list.  And never quit LOVING sports.

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