Monday, June 3, 2013

Super Bowl sites every sports fan wants to see.

Lambeau Field – Capacity 79,594

         Located in Titletown, USA, how can you not have a Super Bowl here?  The NFL has approved of one cold-weather Super Bowl and that will probably be the deciding factor for future Super Bowls in the cold.  A Super Bowl Lambeau leap though should really be enough incentive to have a Super Bowl in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  
      Average February temperature: 13-28

Arrowhead Stadium – Capacity 76,416

        Probably one of the most underrated stadiums in the NFL.  The fans at Arrowhead take advantage of the shape of the stadium, their cheers reverberating back and forth between the two sides of the field.  This is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL and has drawn in more than 80,000 fans.  
      Average February temperature: 26-45

Sports Authority Field at Mile High – Capacity 76,125

        The air runs thin, you can see every breath you take, mountains on one side, downtown Denver on the other.  Does that not sound like a great Super Bowl could be played here?  Watching Peyton Manning and the Broncos play Joe Flacco and the Ravens in the AFC Championship last season felt like a Super Bowl environment.  
      Average February temperature: 18-49

CenturyLink Field – Capacity 67,000

        Quite possibly the loudest stadium ever built, ever.  Seahawks fans take pride in how loud they can get and the roof sections are to thank.  A beautiful city and a beautiful stadium, there is no reason that Seattle cannot host the Super Bowl.  
      Average February temperature: 37-50

Edward Jones Dome – Capacity 66,965

The name says it all, DOME.  Weather is not an issue, so the Super Bowl should have been played here by now.  The city of St. Louis has the Gateway Arch and truly is a magnificent city.  Every NFL city should host a Super Bowl; might as well start here.  Average February temperature: 70 
(The game is indoors!)

New Vikings Stadium – Capacity 65,000

There is no doubt in my mind that the NFL will grant Minneapolis a Super Bowl.  After all, who doesn’t like a brand new and sparkling stadium?  This might end up being one of the most beautiful stadiums not only in the NFL but in all of pro sports.  
Average February temperature: 13-29

Ohio Stadium – Capacity 102,329

As a Buckeye fan through and through, I cannot leave out the greatest college football stadium ever built.  Host to “The Game” every other November, The Horseshoe has no problems filling it’s seats and more in cold weather.  One of the largest capacity stadiums in the U.S.  
Average February temperature: 22-42

Michigan Stadium – Capacity 109,901
Begrudgingly, I put this stadium on the list.  I assure you, I am a Buckeye, but you cannot deny the mass amounts of people that collect here during TTUN home games.  This stadium is the largest in the U.S. and third in the world when it comes to capacity, probably why they call it The Big House.
      Average February temperature: 20-35

Yankee Stadium – Capacity 54,251
Most likely, this will never happen.  You have to give Yankee Stadium it’s props though.  It has hosted NCAA football games, will host NHL games, hosted a boxing match, and even some futbol.  The only thing that’s left is the Super Bowl, right?
      Average February temperature: 29-42

Busch Stadium – Capacity 46,861

Again, won’t happen, but here’s hoping.  One of the more beautiful stadiums in the MLB and will host a future NCAA football game.  Probably the better St. Louis option over the Edward Jones Dome too.
      Average February temperature: 28-45

Wrigley Field – Capacity 41,058
Will not ever happen, ever.  Wrigley is simply too small to play a real football game and does not have anywhere close to the seating capacity that the NFL wants for its most important game.  Oh well.
      Average February temperature: 22-36

Talladega Superspeedway – Capacity 175,000
A dream that will not be fulfilled.  The NFL wants to expand who views their games.  Why not have the Super Bowl in the heart of NASCAR country.  This will only happen if Ricky Bobby gives his approval.  Shake and bake!
      Average February temperature: 33-58

Bristol Motor Speedway – Capacity 160,000

Again, a lost dream.  Bristol actually was scheduled to host an NCAA football game between Tennessee and Virginia Tech in 2005, until both teams backed out.  Now, it seems Bristol has given up on trying to host a football game with the video tower sitting right where the 50 yard line would be.
      Average February temperature: 28-50

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