Thursday, June 6, 2013

You should want the Spurs to win the NBA Finals and here's why.

The 2007 NBA Finals was the first and only time that the Cleveland Cavaliers have been to the NBA Finals.  It was the fourth visit for the San Antonio Spurs, who ended up sweeping the Cavs and winning their fourth ring.  In all honesty, I hated the Spurs then.  Yes, I'm a Cleveland fan.  But I'm a true Cleveland fan.  I didn't keep rooting for LeBron to win or do well after he made "The Decision".  No, I stuck with my Cavaliers and it has been a very rough go.  I felt great when the Cavs beat Miami in the Q that first season though, and again when they won the first draft pick and then when they won the first draft pick again.  Now, Kyrie is taking over and I couldn't be happier as a Cleveland fan.   Well, maybe I could.  If the Spurs beat Miami in the Finals, they will have five rings in five visits and beating LeBron for two of them. I want the Spurs to win, not just to beat LeBron, but to finish the legacy.  The Spurs didn't get on a stage when their "Big 3" was formed and promise 7 or 8 championships.  Hell, I can't even remember when the Spurs had a true press conference.  They play with dignity, class, and modesty.  They are the model franchise in the NBA and that's why I would love the Spurs if they beat the Heat.

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