Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports: Day Four

#7) The Stadiums – I am an Ohio State fan.  Ohio State is in the Big Ten and huge stadiums go along with the Big Ten.  I love football stadiums.  100,000 plus people in one place watching a football game, regardless of what the weather is like, is just fantastic.  The beauty of some of the more recent stadiums that have been built is pretty great too.  Look at Cowboys Stadium, now known as AT&T Stadium.  And it’s obvious that the stadium is important to the front office because of these new stadiums being built.  Also, all the upgrades that every stadium gets.  It seems like every single college football season there’s at least ten stadiums that have been overhauled to fit more fans or got a shiny new jumbotron. 

This story isn’t just about football though.  Let’s look at probably the greatest stadium ever built: Circus Maximus.  It was the first super stadium and rightfully so.  Nearly a half mile long and almost 400 feet wide, Maximus held 150,000 people and could have reached a capacity of 250,000.  It was built in Ancient Rome, which explains why it was built.  Ancient Romans loved a good show as evidenced by the Colosseum, another great stadium.  I think it’s fair to say that we have followed in Roman footsteps when it comes to building stadiums.

Football stadiums, check.  Ancient Rome’s stadiums, check.  What else is left?  How about NASCAR?  I'm not a NASCAR fan, but they sure know how to flock people in there.  Who’s ever idea it was to have the motorhome parking in the infield for NASCAR stadiums was a genius.  Those baseball stadiums.  Some of them are the most b-e-a-utiful things I have ever seen.  How about those futbol stadiums?  The stadiums they construct just for the FIFA world cup, they are incredible.  A stadium built for a single event lasting for only 4 ½ weeks?  If that’s not stadium love, I don’t know what is.

Everything that goes along with these great stadiums just adds to the experience.  I mean, the food, the noise, the announcers, they make the stadiums even better.  By the way, one of those is #6, so check in tomorrow to see which one it is.

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