Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports: Day Five

#6) The Food – As American’s, we consume a lot of freaking food.  As humans, we consume a lot of freaking food.  We all love food.  Most of the time, food loves us.  As a sports fan, I am not a stinkin’ vegetarian.  That’s just unethical to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love veggies, as long as they’re smothered in cheese or on my hot dog or burger.  This could be higher on the list of Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Sports, but I choose to put it here at #6 and here’s why.

If you like eating food, you like to eat all the time.  When game day arrives, for me, it’s all about what kind of food do we have.  Whether I'm watching the game at home, at a sports bar, or from the stands, it’s all about the food.  The food starts off all the festivities.  Make sure the nachos are out of the oven before the game starts.  Make sure we got some thick, chunky, spicy salsa.  Do we have enough charcoal to make it through three plus hours of tailgating?  All this and more is why the food is #6.  It’s only the start of great things to come, in particular, the game.

Of course, once the game starts, everyone is most likely full and bloated from eating one too many chili dogs or because they finished off an entire bag of Doritos JACKED.  It’s understandable though.   You can’t watch the game on an empty stomach.  That’s why when halftime or the middle of the fifth inning roll around, you’re ready for more food.  If you’re eating at a stadium, let me tell you, there are certainly some good, good eats there.  Anything involving pretzel bread is like Heaven on Earth.  If it comes with grilled onions, always ask for extra.  And if it happens to be covered in chili, don’t be a wimp and eat it with a knife and fork, not even a Spork.  You man up, or woman up, and eat that sucker with your bare hands!  Just make sure you don’t spill anything down the front of your jersey. 

Now time for my favorite stadium food.  You can get these at probably every single stadium in the United States.  MLS, NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, high school, heck, even little league games.  They all have that crappy hot dog.  You know the one I'm talking about.  It comes out of a giant vat of dogs and wrapped in a piece of aluminum foil.  The bun is soggy and you have to pay for the toppings.  Instead of paying for cheese though, you go the free route and slather a gallon of mustard on that dog and you eat it like it’s the best damn hot dog you’ve ever had.  But let’s face it, that is the best damn hot dog.  That hot dog is what makes the game that much more special.

Check in tomorrow for #5. 

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