Friday, August 23, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why We LOVE Sports: Day Six

#5) Making Noise – There are many types of noise.  There’s baby noise, car noise, dog barking at 3 AM noise, you’re annoying, why are you talking to me noise, I live next to the airport noise, and so much more.  What this article is about though is sports noise.  It’s the best noise around and everyone contributes. 

From the coach yelling at the players, to the QB or PG calling out the play, to the fans in the stands, to the band, and even the humming from the Goodyear blimp.  It all adds up to turn into something great.  Making noise is just so darned fun!  There’s no way you can disagree with me either, because as a sports fan, you expect there to be loud noises and to make your own loud noises when you go to a game.  A touchdown is scored: fans cheer ecstatically.  The home team has a 2 point lead with little time in the fourth quarter of a basketball game: home fans shout “DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE!”.  You’re at an international futbol game:  Vuvuzelas are all you can hear.  Go to any hockey game: there is at least one instance where somebody yells “HIT SOMEBODY!”. 

And there’s the on field noise.  The defense yelling “pass, pass”.  The offense getting the play call from the sideline.  The chatter coming from trainers who don’t have anything to do.  The whistle of the ref.  The bounce of the basketball.  The collision of pads.  The squeak of sneakers.  The boot of a football or futbol.  The ping of the baseball as is comes off the bat.  The puck slamming and ricocheting off the glass.  All those sounds are part of why we love sports.  It all just seems to make sense.  If those noises don’t happen, it doesn’t seem real.

They do happen though.  And whether or not you’re making noise because your team is winning or losing, or you’re doing it because you hate the other team, or maybe you’re just like any other red blooded sports fan and love to make noise.  It’s all okay, all accepted.  So go ahead, make some noise people.

Check in tomorrow for #4.

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